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Work one-on-one with Blair as your personal Executive Career Coach as you look to accelerate and take control of your growth and development.

Every session includes a deep dive conversation into your current challenge or goal that you’re working towards with an emphasis on finding a targeted path forward that works for you.  No flavor of the day tools, only the things that are proven to work.

You’ll get tailored support as you navigate your challenges, grow your career, and develop your skills. Unlike other coaches, Blair doesn’t rush the process and is committed to ensuring you get the aboslute maximum value from every single one of your sessions. 

Gain access to invaluable behind-the-scenes knowledge of how the corporate world works by leveraging Blair’s extensive experience coaching global leaders and through his tenured experience as an HR professional.

Areas of expertise:

Group Coaching

Learn and grow as part of a collective

The Details

Learn alongside your peers and colleagues in an intimate setting that fosters collective knowledge sharing and development.

There is tremendous value that can be derived when you co-learn with and from your colleagues in pursuit of a larger organizational goal or development area.

Every Group Coaching program is tailored made to meet the needs of your organization. You get to pick which topics to cover and get to co-design the offering with us.

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